Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have been involved in the Waverley medical centre project for the last 4 years and the scheme is a joint venture with Harworth and Dransfield developers. The final back stop date for the project was October 2020 and when developers identified back in September 2019 that this was not going to be achieved because of grant issues, the CCG took action to request the opportunity to utilise capital monies identified for South Yorkshire. The initial request has been supported but this is part of a South Yorkshire programme business case and the CCG will not receive full approval until much later in 2020. The developers have acknowledged their requirement to facilitate a medical centre and are working closely with the CCG on the business case. It is anticipated, subject to the approval process that works will commence before winter 2020 to enable the medical centre to be open by April 2022. A provider for the medical centre has already been appointed.

Work is also ongoing in relation to a Plan B if NHS funding is not approved and the CCG are therefore confident that whilst the NHS funded scheme would now be the best option, if not successful there are alternative ways of ensuring the medical centre is provided.

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