We are aware that there is some issue with students attending the AMRC training centre and parking on the main roads.

The Chair and Clerk met with representatives from AMRC, who have kindly agree to attend the full WCC March meeting. The situation to date is summarised below:
– the AMRC Estates Team are looking to bring forward an additional 55 spaces
– the car park redesign has been delayed due to new road from Highfield Spring being delayed
– new student cohorts have driver awareness sessions
– additional students parking this year as 3rd year classes have been in the centre instead of work, due changes in scheme (one off due to the changes)
– AMRC are open and want residents to raise issues directly with them so they can be resolved
– they are monitoring the parking in the morning
– staff get students to move vehicles during the day where issues arise

The road area is unadopted so RMBC are limited to what they can do and the police have already advised on parking which the AMRC are following.

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